Alternative Monday is owned and operated by Toni Klapper (my mother). Toni’s beautiful Chandler & Price printing press is located on the Sunshine Coast. I work as a second graphic designer for her business.

“It began in 2013 when the founder, Toni Klapper was literally looking for an alternative Monday. Instead of working in a mundane job for someone else from Monday to Friday, she wanted to start something that she would be happy waking up for on Monday morning.”

The website is currently a landing page, but there are some really pretty photos on there that you should check out:


Janette is the business owner and brains behind Olive Rose Wedding & Events. She offers multiple wedding planning packages to suit your budget and needs.

“I love weddings. I love what they represent – the telling of the love story & most of all the magic. I believe in magic & the magical essence between two people. You may not essentially see it, but you can most certainly feel it.” – Janette

Check out her website: